The Cause Of Headaches

Headaches are so common that most people don’t put too much thought into them (no pun intended). While they can be annoying, the fact that almost 25% of people are suffering from one at this very moment means that they have become such a big part of people’s lives that they are forgotten about as quickly as they come. With this said, if you find yourself suffering from headaches on a regular basis, you need to get to the root of the problem. While you may read a lot about things like caffeine, sugar, alcohol and stress being a cause for headaches, you may also want to look at your back as well. One of the most overlooked causes of constant headaches is a malfunction of spinal bones in the neck and upper back, meaning that the best way for you to get relief is a visit a chiropractor.

Not everyone who has headaches is going to be suffering with a malfunction of the spinal bones (you may just have to cut down on the coffee you drink), but it is an issue for enough people that it needs to be considered. When the bones of the spine lose normal positiong and motion, nerves and blood vessels in the head can feel the effects. Stretching of the delicate tissues in the head is going to cause headaches, meaning that they are going to keep coming until you get the problem treated. Unfortunately, items like aspirin are only going to cover up the problem; the only way to get a permanent fix is to visit a chiropractor to get the proper work done.

Author Bio:

Dr. Kimberly Wells is a Chiropractor in Cincinnati, OH. She specializes in work injuries and Automobile accidents and cases of back pain, neck pain and headaches. For more information visit her website: or if you are looking for a Cincinnati Chiropractor her clinic information is below:

Wells Chiropractic


8035 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45213

(513) 522-3600


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A Tip from a Chiropractor in Portland: “Get on the Ball!”

As a Portland Chiropractor I want to help as many men and women as I can, especially my patients, to develop their back muscles and improve their overall balance and well-being. Because, let’s face it, pain in the back isn’t “normal.” Your body is innately designed for motion–to walk, dance, and play. You are even “structurally” designed to do certain tasks easily. But, today, all too often we call up our body to function in ways that do not benefit our overall well-being and commonly create pain, especially back pain. For instance, as a result of the work that many of us do, we frequently find ourselves sitting with bad posture in one place, expressly in a computer chair, for extended periods of time during the day. Are you someone like this? Back pain is frequently caused by this kind of “unnatural” position. It is likely that you’ll find it necessary to modify the position in which you sit, if you want to reduce the probability of back pain.

The perfect answer to preventing back pain, which is the result of prolonged sitting or in a poor posture” position is to use an ergonomic chair. You will discover immediate relief from back stress, in fact, using this type of chair. You may be wondering why. The reason is that an ergonomic chair puts your spine into perfect alignment. Unfortunately, the disadvantage is that this type of chair tends to be quite costly. So, you might want to think about making a chair of your own using a Pilates ball. This kind of chair will commonly cost around fifteen dollars, and the ball is available at many department stores in the exercise section.  A Pilates ball can do astounding things for your back!

But, prior you attempt to naturally strengthen back muscles and improve your balance in a safe way, you must get out of pain, and that’s where I come in. Through the gentle adjustment of your spine, as an experienced Portland Chiropractor, I can help to realign areas that have been tugged and pulled, and relieve stress on muscles that have been working overtime while you’ve been working nine to five! It’s time for a few easy changes in our the way you sit once you are feeling pain-free.

So, let’s get back to talking about that “do-it-yourself” but “just-as-effective” ergonomic chair. As mentioned, and excellent way for you to get your back back in shape is to sit on a Pilates ball whenever you’re working at the computer.  The first think it will do is compel you to sit properly and naturally adjust your posture so that you are not slouching and putting your spine into an unnatural curve.  Secondly, it helps to build up your core as you maintain your balance on the Pilates ball throughout your work day.

As a Chiropractor in Portland, I believe in this creed for better back health: “Straighten, then strengthen.” Give me a call today. Let’s get your back in action!

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Portland Chiropractor Suggests an Economic Tip for Ergonomic Benefits

As a Portland Chiropractor I committed to assisting as many men and women as I can, including my many patients, to invigorate their back muscles and improve their overall balance and well-being. Because, let’s face it, back pain isn’t “normal. ” Your body is innately designed to move–stride, stroll, and frolic. Your very “structure” makes most tasks easy. But, in today’s job market, many of us require our body to function in ways that are harmful to our overall well-being and more often than not cause pain, particularly back pain. We commonly find ourselves sitting (with bad posture!) in one position, for instance, in a computer chair, as a necessity of the kind of work that a number of us do. Does this sound familiar? Back pain is often caused by this type of “unnatural” position. In order for you to avoid back pain, you may need to adjust the way that you are sitting.

The perfect answer to preventing back pain, which is the result of prolonged sitting or in a poor posture” position is to sit in an ergonomic chair. This kind of “posture-improving” chair can commonly help prevent back pain from occurring or relieve existing back pain almost immediately. You may be wondering why. The reason is that an ergonomic chair puts your spine into natural alignment. Of course, such chairs tend to be rather expensive. So, you may want to think about making a chair of your own using a Pilates ball. This kind of chair will usually cost approximately $15, and the ball can be found at many department stores in the exercise section.  A Pilates ball can do astounding things for your back!

Now, it is my advice that you see a good chiropractor first because you need to get out of pain before you attempt to strengthen your back! Through the gentle adjustment of your spine, as an experienced Portland Chiropractor, I can assist in realigning areas that have been tugged and pulled, and decrease stress on muscles that have been working overtime while you’ve been working nine to five! It’s time for a few simple changes in our sitting habits once you are feeling pain-free.

So, back to your “homemade,” but “just-as-effective” posture-improving chair. Sitting on a Pilates ball whenever you’re working at the computer is an excellent way for you to get your back into shape.  First of all, it compels you to sit properly and to adjust your posture so that you are not slouching and putting your spine into an unnatural curve.  Secondly, it helps to build up your core as you maintain your balance on the Pilates ball throughout your work day.

As a Portland Chiropractor, I stand by this motto for better back health: “Straighten, then strengthen.” Let me help get your back in action! Call today!

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Is Chiropractic Care The Right Choice For Your Child?

Thousand Oaks Chiropractor

Have you been questioning whether or notcare by a Thousand Oaks Chiropractor is safe and effective for your child? If you have been, you’re not the only one. When a child is experiencing neck pain or back pain, some parents are concerned about seeking chiropractic care or a spinal manipulation. Such concerned parents need to be informed that chiropractic is beneficial for children, as well as adults! Naturally, the type of treatment management will most likely differ for children and adults. Those who are suffering from chronic neck or back pain due to spinal misalignment can particularly benefit from this form of treatment by a Thousand Oaks Chiropractor.

A lot of babies experience spinal and muscular stress during birth and because of this, parents should be vigilant in order to detect the early symptoms associated with neck or spine misalignment. A baby who favors looking to one side more than another frequently will have spine or neck misalignment. Chiropractic treatment to strengthen the range of movement in the neck region is essential. Thousand Oaks Chiropractors know that being able to detect spinal or neck problems at its earliest stage can help prevent a more serious condition from developing. Doctors of chiropractic are well-aware that the best way to prevent a neck or spinal problem from getting worse is to catch it at the onset.

There are several symptoms that can be associated with spinal or neck problems amongst children and these include irregular sleeping patterns and the improper alignment of the shoulders. Other telltale signs include:

  • Limited range of movement in the head particularly in the neck
  • Atypical spinal lateral curvature or scoliosis
  • Recurring ear infection
  • Frequent headaches
  • Bedwetting
  • Unremitting colds
  • Discomfort during breastfeeding for babies

Chiropractic treatment can stabilize spinal problems among children, which is essential in improving their balance as they develop. But just like with any other treatment, a chiropractor must first evaluate the health condition of the child before introducing any forms of chiropractic care. Chiropractors commonly observe children during the evaluation period to ascertain if there are any underlying conditions that may hinder with the treatment procedures. It is important to note, however, that since this is a non-invasive treatment process, [the side effect risks generally associated with pharmaceuticals are not factor] there is not risk for side effects commonly associated with chemical based drugs and other related medications.

But, chiropractic care isn’t just about the spine! And, eliminating painful symptoms isn’t its only goal! Your chiropractor wans to help in improving the overall health of your body. And, in addition to its many benefits for children, chiropractic care is also the most cost effective treatment!

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How Chiropractic Care Can Help YOU

Even though chiropractic treatment has been effective for over one hundred years, some people are still aware of the benefits of chiropractic, not only when it comes to pain relief, but its efficacy in assisting in the improvement of the body’s overall health. Chiropractic care, as more and more in the medical community agree, provides exceptional long-term relief from pain. Yet, there are a few sufferers out there who may still have some reservations.

Pain relief is the obvious purpose of those who seek chiropractic care. Your Racine chiropractor assists in pain management by locating and correcting severe stress in the nervous system due to subluxation or misaligned vertebrae. In addition to relieving pain, such treatment increases the range of movement in the damaged area, whether the condition is due to an injury, accident, or aging.

Patients under chiropractic care are able to evade the dangerous side effects of some chemical-based drugs because chiropractic treatment relies upon the body’s innate healing abilities. As has been proven by many, abuse through overuse of pain medications frequently leads to dependency, due to a drugs tendency to increase a body’s tolerance levels in order to maintain effectiveness.

Symptoms of back pain and other related ailments should not be treated by constant medication and most should not be treated through surgical operations. This is why more and more individuals are now choosing chiropractic as the best alternative solution for getting the help they need for their back pain. Racine chiropractors provide effective and long term relief from back pain symptoms. Chiropractic is a diverse treatment method that can meliorate a number of problems without the need for conventional pain medication.

The methods used in chiropractic treatment have been used for well over a hundred years, and this further supports the idea that using chiropractic care in treating back pain and other related conditions is very effective in successfully addressing the issue. As stated, chiropractic treatment uses spinal manipulation and body retraining to align the spin, decrease pain, and enhance muscle function. In this way, it not only provides pain relief, but most patientsdiscover long-term health solutions under chiropractic care.

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Musicians Trust Chiropractic Care For Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

When I became a chiropractor in Glendale, I realized that my technical skills were quite advanced as the result of my having been playing the guitar for more than fifteen years. It probably goes without saying that my hand coordination was well-developed!  In addition, I discovered among my musicial friends carpal tunnel, the hand condition that many musicians experience. In fact, I was not only known as a Glendale Chiropractor, but I became known as “the music doctor” by many musicians who’d heard from other musicians that the chiropractic care I offered could “fix” their hand problems. So many painful and ineffectual carpal tunnel surgeries were avoided through chiropractic treatment that during the holiday season, I not only got numerous “fruit baskets” from my happy patients, but plenty of “fruitcakes” from super-satisfied insurance companies who were compelled to spend far less each year insurance coverage for chiropractic treatment than they did for carpal tunnel surgeries!

Obviously, when assisting patients with pain relief, joint mobility, and general health and wellness, the chiropractic approach, though much about the spine, isn’t all about the spine. Repetitive motions make all joints of the body susceptible to impaired function and range of motion limitations. Musicians are like many other professionals whose work demands repetitive action. And, many professionals, as well as musicians have found chiropractic care to be an effective, natural, non-surgical approach to treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Why do so many musicians, especially guitarists and pianists, experience carpal tunnel challenges in particular? It is because the carpal tunal is located within the underside of the wrist! It is an actual “tunnel” (or passage) through which the Median nerve passes on its way to affect and animate the hands and fingers. Nerve entrapment is often the result of the types of repetitive movements performed by many musicians. Not surprisingly, this time of nerve entrapment disorder is quite common. The nerve is impinged between other tissues when the size of the tendon enlarges due to irritation and inflammation caused by overuse…long hours of practice, as well as extended performance, are generally responsible. Misalignment of the carpal bones frequently results. Far too many musicians feel pain, numbness, pins and needles, and tingling in their fingers and hand(s), particularly their thumb and adjacent two fingers. It is not secret that many musicians routinely wake up with these symptoms. And, the absolutely disastrous effects for musicians is that CTS can make hands feel awkward or weak, and fatigue quickly with activity. If not addressed, eventually, grasping small objects (like a guitar pick or the bow of a bass) with the thumb and fingers can be extremely affected. And, although the well-informed musician who has discovered the benefits of chiropractic care would not allow this to happen, untreated Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can become the complete disability of the hand.

In addition to musicians, anyone else who is suffering from repetitive stress pain should see a chiropractor who understands the symptoms and the solution, like your chiropractor in Glendale. He can tell you more about safe and natural chiropractic care. Find out what it can do for you, by calling a chiropractor today!

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Can Chiropractic Treatment By Your Grand Rapids Chiropractor Improve Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is the medical name for an abnormal lateral (side-to-side) curvature of the spine, which your Grand Rapids chiropractor is very knowledgeable in diagnosing and treating. If you aren’t familiar with the appearance of scoliosis, you may unintentionally confuse it with poor posture because very often an individual who has scoliosis looks as if he or she is leaning to one side.

But, there are a few ways for you to observe the difference between poor posture and scoliosis even before calling for your consult with your Grand Rapids chiropractor. If you were to observe a person with scoliosis in a standing position, you would probably notice that one shoulder is higher than the other, and that the scapula (shoulder blade) is raised or more prominent. You probably would notice a wider space between the arm and the body on one side if the person’s arms were hanging freely at his or her sides. Also, one hip might raised or more pronounced than the other. And one more clue might be that the head will not look as if it is in plumb with the pelvis.

Scoliosis can be mild in nature, but it can be quite severe. There are instances, in fact, when both pulmonary and cardiac functions can be hindered if the curve and rib rotation are severe enough. The cause of scoliosis in 85 percent of cases is unknown. This type of scoliosis (Idiopathic) tends to run in families and is thought to have a genetic component.

In general, Idiopathic Scoliosis occurs during adolescence when the body is completing the final major growth spurt. This type of scoliosis is most frequently found in girls. If found, a scoliotic curve should be monitored for any progression. Your Grand Rapids chiropractor can provide periodic examinations and, if necessary, will suggest standing x-rays.

As mentioned above, most (nearly 90 percent) of scoliotic curvatures are mild to moderate, and make a brace unnecessary. Therefore, regular chiropractic care, in these cases, is beneficial in both in decreasing and adjusting any compensatory musculoskeletal conditions that can take place.

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Let An Experienced Auto Appaiser Take The Pain Out Of Your Pre-Purchase Concerns

I am all too acquainted with back pain! Why? I am an auto appraiser, which means that if a person requires an seasoned opinion as to either the value of their own vehicle or how much an automobilie is truly worth that they are thinking of buying, I’m the one who spends countless hours bending over and looking under the hood and crawling, sliding, or otherwise placing my body under a car that may be parked on cold concrete, hot blacktop, or gritty, abrasive gravel. And, I have to confess that my most valued relationship is the one I have with my chiropractor, only second to the one I have with my wife! monthly maintenance appointments with her, instead of waiting for sudden mechanical difficulties (like not being able to walk upright), then I find that I’m ready to hit the road every day pain-free!

Perhaps, you’re perplexed as this point as to what an auto appraisal is all about. It’s a curiosity a lot people have. So, let me explain just a few of the services that an expert auto appraiser provides:

  • An auto appraiser can save you a trip and be an experienced set of eyes for you, whether you are looking on e-bay or viewing a car “from afar.” After talking with you by phone, your auto appraiser will completely look over in detail the car you’re interested in and will find out all the information you’ll need to help you decide if the vehicle is for you and if the selling price is a good one.
  • A good auto appraiser can get an inspection on your damaged vehicle within forthy-eight hours of accepting an assignment if your car has been in an accident. He’ll write an estimate and then make every effort to get that price at a repair shop.
  • And, if that accident turned our vehicle into a total loss, and you’re unhappy with the settlement your insurance company is offering for your totaled car because you’re pretty sure that you can’t replace your car for the amount offered, then your adjuster can review all the facts.

A qualified auto appraiser won’t stop at cars. He’ll appraise semis and RVs as well. However, what I actually wanted you to get from this article is that your auto appraiser often makes a lot of pain for himself on your behalf to help keep your auto-related decisions pain-free!

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Searching For Dependable Low Back Pain Relief? A Concord Chiropractor Can Help!

Guest Post:

Are you suffering from back pain? You don’t have to feel like the “odd man out” because it is a very common condition. Relief from back pain is quick with a call to a reputable and proficient Concord chiropractor.

Chiropractic treatment is a practice that doesn’t require surgery or the use of medicine; a chiropractor helps the patient by readjusting his or her spine. The methods that chiropractors used are verified in helping the spine function better and decrease pain just by adjusting spinal restrictions. The usual form of treatment involves the chiropractor applying sudden, yet controlled, pressure on the spinal joint that will push the spine beyond its usual zone of movement. But, the patient could be a little (okay, a whole lot) surprised! However, you need not be scared of the sudden cracking sound because in a chiropractic treatment instead of “breaking” your back the spine is “fixed” and brought back to its natural shape and function. Chiropractors also use massage techniques to relax the muscles.

There are different types of low back pain. A back pain can be experienced anywhere from a dull ache to a sharp, severe pain. In addition to the pain, a back pain sufferer’s ability to stand erect and carry out normal physical movements might be impaired. Some people have backache for a few days, but some people feel acute pain that endures for weeks – chronic low back pain lasts for over 3 months. Having someone walk across your back is not going to help you, but visiting a chiropractor surely can!

Realizing that taking drugs can often cause side effects, and surgery has many possible risks, you can see that being treated by a certified chiropractor is a better choice if you have low back pain.

Chiropractic treatment is truly one of the best ways one can get relief from annoying back aches, without drugs – think, about the good you will be doing for your liver!

Your Concord chiropractor offers a complete range of services that are all dedicated to improving your overall health and well-being.

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Can You Save With a Health Exchange?


In reduction than 3 years, millions of Americans will obtain health insurance, many for a initial time, by a health sell mandated by a Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

What is a health exchange? How will they operate? And many importantly, will they save we money?

The answers are commencement to grow as states invent their possess versions of these new entities.

According to, a health sell is a pure and rival word marketplace where people and tiny businesses can compare and buy affordable and competent health word skeleton that accommodate certain advantage and cost requirements. Exchanges also will interface with state and sovereign programs, including Medicaid, to offer subsidies to subordinate individuals.

States face a Jan. 1, 2013, deadline to have a approved health sell adult and running, one year forward of a particular charge that requires most Americans to obtain health insurance. If a state is not ready, a sovereign supervision pot a right to work an sell for them.

2 States, Different Exchanges

Only dual states — Massachusetts and Utah — have organic exchanges so far, and they couldn’t be some-more different.

Massachusetts has state-mandated health coverage and facilities dual exchanges within a Health Connector: Commonwealth Care for those who validate for supervision subsidies, and Commonwealth Choice, that offers affordable gold-silver-bronze coverage skeleton from 9 competing carriers. The Health Connector is deliberate a antecedent for Affordable Care Act exchanges.

“What Massachusetts does is, they put a participating insurance companies by a bid routine once a year and a products have a accurate same benefit,” says Brian Carroll, CEO of Small Business Service Bureau, an executive for Commonwealth Choice. “Like a transport site, when everybody has a sheet from Boston to Miami, we only contest on price.”

The Utah Health Exchange, by contrast, serves as a Web portal where consumers can learn about and squeeze health word online. It also enables employees of participating tiny businesses to name a health devise underneath their employer’s process that best suits their needs. Just one year old, a sell is operated underneath a Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

“We have 4 carriers participating as state providers, and we indeed have 146 purebred devise designs from those 4 carriers,” says Patricia Conner, executive of a Office of Consumer Health Services in Utah.

Anne Gauthier, comparison module executive of a National Academy for State Health Policy, a inactive classification that helps states with health process and practice, says many state skeleton will approaching tumble somewhere between these dual models.

“Massachusetts tends toward exchange-heavy and Utah toward exchange-light,” she says. “Every state’s proceed to process goals will establish a structure and manners underneath that their sell operates.”

3 Ways to Structure an Exchange

Gauthier says states face 3 simple constructional options:

  • Run a sell as a state group underneath a governor;
  • Run it as a quasi-public group governed by a house (California has selected this model); or
  • Run it as a state-established nonprofit.

States also can select to attend in a informal health sell underneath a Affordable Care Act, nonetheless Gauthier views this choice as unlikely. “That creates clarity in some ways, nonetheless it’s severe adequate to make these decisions within one state, let alone opposite borders and domestic systems and environments,” she says.

Nor will all states select to run their exchanges by their Department of Insurance, that regulates insurance. “States that understand their sell as a purchasing marketplace might feel it needs to be apart from law in sequence to do a job,” Gauthier says.

Will exchanges have a earthy appearance such as a storefront? Probably yes, nonetheless not in a normal sense. “Initially, we consider we will see many states use their (insurance) agents and brokers as their partners to assistance get people into a sell and squeeze coverage,” Gauthier says. In that case, we might have already walked into your state’s destiny storefront.

Where Do Insurance Companies Fit In?

A vital doubt confronting all sell planners is whether, and to what extent, to extent appearance by word companies. Some viewpoint this as imperative, to facilitate a choices for consumers and to expostulate down process costs; others contend a giveaway marketplace will do both naturally. The sovereign supervision is approaching to conclude smallest advantage amounts in a nearby future.

“What we trust will occur in a finish is, you’ll have a some-more simplified product offering, that will save money,” says Carroll. “Having supervision constrictive does put downward vigour on a market.”

Gauthier says some states might select a wait-and-see approach.

“In many states, 40-some, these decisions are not nonetheless made,” she says. “Some states wish any peaceful devise that is a competent health devise to participate. Others are conceptualizing to extent appearance since they trust that will expostulate peculiarity and efficiency, and we’ll figure out a sum down a road. California, for example, has legislation that allows them to be resourceful nonetheless doesn’t need that they be; it leaves those really critical doing sum to a house to determine.”

Will You Save Money?

Once a dirt settles, will consumers save income on health insurance?

Conner says yes: “The whole purpose of a sell is to yield some cost containment. By formulating a rival marketplace with a word carriers, we’re pushing down that cost.”

Carroll is confident as well. “I trust it will, nonetheless it will take time. It’s really costly for word companies to be handling too many opposite products. There are some opportunities to use a exchanges as a approach to facilitate their offerings,” he says.

But Gauthier is cautious.

“It depends on what we meant by saving money. Many Americans who are now center category and are struggling to means health word are going to be offering rare levels of subsidies, so from a consumer’s perspective, word will be some-more affordable.

“But unless we change a remuneration complement and a approach in that caring is delivered, a costs are going to be unsustainable and health word will not be affordable. we consider that a exchanges are a square of a puzzle, nonetheless by no means can a exchanges themselves make word some-more affordable.”

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